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End of Year LAN
[philadelphiacollins] [02:33 pm - 09 Apr 2014]
AITP will be hosting a BYOC LAN party in the Arts and Sciences Commons Room 1008 on 5/3/2014 9AM to 11PM.

We are aware that this is the weekend before Ferris' finals week but unfortunately this is the only weekend we could make work. We also didn't want to leave the semester without one more LAN. Take some time to come blow off pre finals steam with some friends and games.

Tournaments are as follows:

Quake3 4v4 Freeze Tag
Maps: Q3DM11 (Deva Station), Q3DM6 (Campgrounds), Q3DM12 (The Dredwerkz), Q3DM18 (Space Chamber)
Rules: Team Size 4, Match Length: 15min

CSGO 3v3 Pistols Only
Maps: Cobblestone, Dust II, Inferno, Nuke, Train
Rules: Team Size: 3, Team Damage: On, Team Collision: On, No Nades, No Tazer, Pistols Only, Gear: Helmet/Vest and Kit, C4 for T, Single Elimination.

Flatout2 FFA

Prizes provided once again by Jonathan and the other great people at SteelSeries!

Entry is FREE, pizza and beverages included.

We will be selling Bawls Guarana soda for $2 per bottle.

Please use this website as a method of signup for the LAN party.
See you there!

Address: 820 Campus Drive Big Rapids Mi 49307
Arts and Sciences Commons Room 1008

Bring your PC, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, and Cables... The room has network and power cables but bring a spare set just in case! :)


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Battlefield: 1942
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Dino D-Day
Natural Selection 2
Quake II
Quake III Arena
Rise of the Triad
Team Fortress 2
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imamulmqn at 12:59 am - 01 Jul 2014

CoaxTheGreat at 05:20 am - 02 May 2014
Wolfenstein ET server /connect jaymod.dtdm.orgrn

philadelphiacollins at 02:49 pm - 09 Apr 2014
We all knew.

[I.B]Mr_Kola at 04:04 pm - 07 Apr 2014

at 05:04 pm - 25 Jan 2014
Kola is behind me omg

attendance 29/50

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